Shapiro Advisors, with proven success in the design, testing, and effective implementation of corporate compliance programs, delivers practical and effective compliance solutions for its clients. Firm founder Jonathan Shapiro has advised on, reviewed, and validated dozens of corporate compliance programs for companies internationally.

He is expert in creating and carrying out risk assessments to identify the potential for fraudulent or corrupt practices or other misconduct in a company or its operations; advising on how to set “the tone at the top” and communicate it effectively throughout the organization; designing clear mitigation measures for company specific risks that can be effectively implemented for company specific risks; creating policies which are suitable for purpose and easy to understand, creating an incentive structure which rewards compliance focused staff; creating and fostering a “speak up culture” where all feel empowered to report compliance concerns; ensuring proper oversight and monitoring in the execution of all contracts; and instituting effective procedures to investigate and respond to allegations of misconduct.

Shapiro Advisors knows what works, what doesn’t, how to effectively introduce corporate compliance into the fabric of a company, and transform the culture to recognize the integral value of it.

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